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Good moral character + strong sense of responsibility + professional spirit

Professional spirit include positive initiative and team spirit of cooperation.  People with eager desire to progress will continue to forge ahead to create more value. For each employee,  LAU prepare a system of comprehensive, content-rich training courses to help them apply potential quality into the specific work.  Design projects is usually not completed with one designer’s capability,the team spirit of cooperation between different expertise designers, and even collaboration between different departments, therefore, with particular emphasis on staff cooperation spirit throughout the entire workflow.

LAU believe that excellent design talent is the core driving force of enterprise development, and “DE" is a person''s conduct of this, it is like a beacon to guide our way forward, direction, and a multiplier; Once in the wrong direction,is entirely different, the larger capability the farther away from the target. Ability and political integrity of talent and team able to guarantee the sustainable development ofabusiness.Intheenvironment of the whole society are calling for the establishment of an honest and ethical system,LAU always take"GE" as the primary criterion of the selection.

Employees’ responsibility for work, customer, and social is also the essential foundation for excellence.  With a sense of responsibility, he will continue to learn and enrichtheir own ability, which will guarantee the individual performance and business goals; with a sense of responsibility, he will take the commission astheirownduties,thisisinterpretation of the design services industry nature; at the same time, LAU organize volunteers, charitable donations and other activities to encourage employees to participateincommunity outreach activities, strengthen each ones social responsibility.

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