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  DOW Planning & Landscape Design Ltd. is a well-known landscape architecture and planning firm which started its business on the China mainland in 2003. DOW China’s headquarters is in Shanghai,And established the joint ventures DOW SHANGHAI in 2006, which progressively grows to a group company. DOW GROUP is the site-map sponsor of EXPO 2010. To enhance market competitive capability, Shanghai Landscape Construction and Design Company coordinated with UK DOW established LAU CHINA In 2008, Its Chinese means common development. LAU specializes in landscape planning, landscape design and environmental consulting of multi-scale land development and resort theme parks, urban planning and urban design, multi-scale residential and commercial landscape projects.

LAU’s team is composed of experienced experts from well-known Chinese and overseas universities. It provides one-stop-service from consulting to planning to design to construction. LAU’s creative team performs their work with great passion. We implement rational preciseness, while respecting ecology. We pursue technique and aesthetics in every design by incorporating the unique local cultural aspects and multi-psychological aspects of every project an integral component of our design strategy.

LAU advocates that designers learn craftsmanship by heart by participating in the whole process from concept design until the completion of construction. The technical consulting team is lead by noted specialists and engineers who are in control of the whole design process. Our design experience and ISO9001 certified management system can help to implement the design in its every detail.

LAU has grown quickly and now its work extends throughout the Chinese mainland. We pursue long-term profits for every client on each project. As a professional institute, LAU is dedicated to creating an artistic human environment which is ECOLOGICAL and HARMONIOUS!

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