Thus, in this season's Chanel fall and winter clothes, the fake fur elements are applied to tremendous shock. Even "ELLE" magazine's creative director Joe Zee can not help but wrote in his column: "I'm jealous ladies ...... but rarely seen in the spring after the release of the new women's fall and winter season, I admit that I am jealous of it. Depression after The first time I saw so many in the T stage real luxury ...... Best Best of large tracts of fur. nike high heels "Of course he was referring to Chanel's fake fur this season, and personally in the summer heat, wearing full value of $ 8,000 fake fur jacket and pants through the streets. Passer concern and asked him: "Do you not hot ah?" He then said proudly: "hot ah, but the thermal well! This is Chanel."
Although, Stella McCartney 10 years ago, he and PETA stand together, has introduced fake fur and synthetic leather products, but always unsuccessfully a global trend. But in recent years, driven by fast fashion, how to use inexpensive fabric to create a fashionable effect become a hot topic in the world. nike heels Kate Moss for Topshop fashion design just the sea, you can see the gorgeous fake fur coat; while Abercrombie & Fitch has even fake fur and young people favorite hoodie to come together rave reviews. jordan heels However, really want to overthrow Emperor Karl Lagerfeld until all previous "reactionary remarks", the fake fur (Fake Fur) interpreted as "Fun Fur" (Fun Fur), officially the fake fur That pushed to the cusp.
Luxurious fur really visually make people "fall" of the association, however, fall is the best killer lost. The current economic downturn, once so gorgeous and fantasy fur been loaded onto the T station, there is no doubt that as in the fashion crowd dropped an atomic bomb. Even better, those omnipresent fake fur, real fur can be cheaper than more than a little bit. Nike Dunk Heels In fact, Karl Lagerfeld does not seem to really do a revolutionary thing. Let us re-chew half a century ago Coco Chanel's words: "Do not genuine, just amazing shock." PETA has a beautiful fur for those little animals made ​​arduous efforts, in fact, do not have 20 years to try so hard. Shortcuts are not and true "Emperor" confrontational, to cooperate, and then a very poor everything possible to fake fur designed to be shocked shocked shocked again.

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