Go to Shanghai last weekend. A lot of people warned me that the Shanghai World Expo, do not regret it, went to the more regret. In line with the principle of the lesser of two evils, nike heels I gave up the National People yearn for this event. . . Well, think of no greater opportunity in this life rafts five hours may be long queues, it is really a little disappointed. Instead, I visited the Hermes "sewing time" Exhibition. Although the brand invited, but the whole process to enjoy quite good. Even though I will not be invited themselves, and moreover is free. As Hermes scarves only have fans, nike high heels I take every opportunity to touch Hermes leather. Store, friends, customers, as long as possible, I will let fingertips enjoy the kind of solid, flexible, plump, uniform, or fine, or careless, or smooth or whirling wonderful feeling.
I have been on a wide variety of leather Hermes admiration. Over the years, I only know that Togo is adult cattle leather, Clemence is a young cow leather. jordan heels Of course, this is basic common sense, selling fake packets are cooked in the heart twist. If you mention the name of the other leather, I must Yun Cai. "Sewing time" exhibit, you will see the big queen sheets of leather, each have a label - calfskin Swift, Barenia, Evergrain, Box, small male leather Clemence, goatskin Mysore, buffalo Pondichery, etc. and so on. You can enjoy the touch experience, the distinction between these leather texture and feel, in the end what is the difference. Why Hermes leather admiration it? Leather handbag design is an integral part of the leather color, texture, feel and weight, and style combine to constitute a handbag whole. jordan heels The vast majority of designer handbags, leather is leather procurement from suppliers. The leather suppliers are based on the annual trends, design and production of leather. So, designers can not control the leather, the leather bag with color homogeneity, the season will not continue too.
Hermes leather craftsmen evolved from this brand, unlike most of the designer handbags. Nike Dunk Heels Brand from a fixed farm, is in a fixed manner a fixed feeding fur animal species, and then in a fixed manner, and tannin stain. As long as they do not occur bovine gene mutations, the quality of leather and colors can be static. So darling, you worry - your dream 32 cm, denim blue, Clemence Leather Birkin, still there patiently waiting for you, do not leave. Feel the leather, is the "sewing time" give me the greatest harvest, so be sure to share with everyone. Nike Dunk Heels Second, is Hermes put a lot of antiques are out. Favorite antique bag, or interested in the history crush on Hermes also learned a lot. Exhibition until the end of October 31.

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