Chloé into China five anniversary. Chloé Chinese celebrate their fifth birthday in grand day, in addition to already on-line and by everyone in hot pursuit of Chloé official Chinese blog www.jesuischloe.com other, more exciting, the February 25, 2011 Chloé Expo Center in Shanghai for the first time hold large global simulcast Spring 2011 fashion show. nike heels The fashion show is not only the size of Chloé into China five years the most, it is luxury fashion for the first time in China be webcast live to the world, which marked the Chloé once again walk in the technological trends of the wave. In order to better share the joy of the festival, Chloé will invite everyone to participate in the online activities of the preparatory process, together to witness this historic initiative.
From February 9th starting at Chloé Chinese blog www.jesuischloe.com on a series of mysterious online interactive activities will start one by one, including your favorite fashion show models vote festival preparations Secret behind the scenes and more. nike high heels The most exciting is that any corner of the world Chloé fans and fashion lovers can register on the site, and in February 25 21 : 00 through a computer or a mobile terminal, exclusive haute couture show distinguished agents, real-time viewing and participation in the long-awaited feast Chloé gorgeous fashion, celebrity red carpet live and backstage interesting picture. Allows you to feel as the active site. That night by the internationally renowned fashion designer and artist Zhang day love ballet choreographer, and made a special trip to fly from New York to Shanghai, starring supermodel Chen Bi Ge modern dance. Chen Bi Ge was a soft gymnast, took a lot of medals, and now she has become the focus of the top five most popular Chinese supermodel CNN one. jordan heels The beauty of her calisthenics, plus cool fashion model, brought about by chemical action, we can on February 25 in the online views.
At the same time, Chloé not forget to take this opportunity to contribute to the community, to help care for the needs of social groups. Chloé will be dedicated to children with disabilities, nike high heels charitable relief organization "Care sky" cooperation, eight from the "love blue" children were invited to participate in the "vibrant" as the theme of the painting, placed Chloé Chinese blog www.jesuischloe.com on on display, and accept online voting . Finally Chloé will be voted on to win the most children to provide financial assistance to help them achieve a dream.

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