Now Britain's most popular fashion icon who is? Not Kate Moss , not Beckhams, but not Lily Donaldson , but the members of the royal family coming, Prince William's new wife, Kate. The origin of ordinary families, freedom to receive a good education, with pro appearance and outstanding temperament and beautiful girl in dating with the prince when he became a media flash capture objects. nike heels Her uniform figure, decent and simple wear and unique taste, making her style of dress became a British referendum imitation of the object. And all she was wearing the dress exposure will immediately appear in the mall and ebay , and set off panic buying. Let us work together to learn about the Princess of dressing so that they can easily wear clothing noble Shuyuan temperament. Blue is the favorite color of Princess Kate. Blue, sapphire blue, light blue ...... blue Kate before the media has become the most commonly worn color. Thus, a new color " Royal Blue "was born in the UK fashion industry, fashion week also immediately became the focus of fashion colors. William and Kate announced their engagement at a press conference the same day, Kate wore a dressed British brand Issa dark blue dress, highlighting her calm and noble temperament. nike high heels Two Royal Jockey Club to join in marriage, she chose a bright blue, very suitable for day active social atmosphere. Together with the prince visited Canada, princess royal blue embroidered dress makes her look soft and elegant. For Asians, bright colors and slightly bright blue is a color that matches the skin tone. This popular can definitely put on the body.
In the choice of clothing styles, Kate would be able to reflect the overall aesthetic Englishman - simple, slightly conservative. But as a member of the royal family, her dress can be said to be very decent. Princess preference Straight Skirt. This is not only in line silhouette for formal occasions needs, but also to highlight her shapely good shape. jordan heels Commensurate with the high heels of course this is an essential product, elegant colors and simple dress complement each other. Right on with handbags, brooches and other simple accessories, it is simple to add some heavy sense of style. For ordinary people, this style is also essential in daily life. Weekday commute or attend the dinner, you can choose well-cut straight skirt, achieve self-cultivation effect. If you want to block the fat, you can choose Kate wore Erdem dress with some embroidery or printing such style, visually hide protruding belly, or choose slightly loose some tailoring. You rarely see Kate dressed too fancy, but the trend is not standing on the top. But with her ​​husband Prince William, as close to the ordinary people is the greatest affinity charm. Princess Kate born British ordinary middle-class family, so she would not grow up like those brought up in aristocratic royal princess designer leave the body, the clothes to be customized. Instead, she was familiar with and love those people in the department store where you can easily buy cheap brands. Shortly after their marriage, she was wearing a Zara blue dress along with the prince appeared in the media before the camera. Nike Dunk Heels The next day, this price is only tens of pounds skirt fully sold out in the UK. In the famous photographer Mario Testino 's official engagement photos taken, and Kate wore her favorite is a Reiss brand's white dress. Later, she wore it along with the prince visited Canada. Kate has also been photographed separately in 2009 and this year, on different occasions to wear with a blue coat. Wearing the same clothes repeatedly appearing in public, which for the royal family in other countries, perhaps too "shabby." But this Kate but more by the British public's love. Hit hard by the economic crisis in Britain under such a simple but glamorous princess frugal, nature is most needed royal ambassador. Kate personally proved, not the most expensive is the best. And also because of the people and their own princess wearing the same clothes in the wardrobe brand skirt and more proud of it.
Although close to the ordinary people's affinity Princess Kate ace, but as a member of the royal family, still need a few pieces of clothing to foil orthodox Chinese noble gas field, in some important occasions highlights identity. Therefore, the Princess is also increasing wear designer brands in the media exposure times. Apart Erdem, Catherine Walker and other brands, Alexander McQueen deservedly became her favorite. Since the wedding, that piece was inspired by Grace Kelly 's wedding after exposure, Sarah Burton , and she served as design director of Alexander McQueen has become the new darling of the British royal family, nike heels has officially become the most representative of Britain's highest standards of fashion clothing brand. Perhaps McQueen I never thought in his lifetime to be its own brand royal choice, but current designer Sarah Burton successfully branded gorgeous, dark and slightly bizarre British style, with real wear and soft feminine elegance combined in the together. nike high heels Princess Kate wore after the wedding two uniform style double-breasted Alexander McQueen suit, but also with her ​​soldier husband who is very fit. McQueen himself once said that he designed the clothes are wearing them to make a woman feel fearless, and exciting courage and strong temperament, it is also as a future queen Kate need. "The Princess and the prince from a happy life together," a fairy tale in the body of William and Kate have been achieved. Kate envy others happy, but Pretty Woman is not accidental. jordan heels In addition to having a pretty face natural beauty, from the Friends receive a good education, good and well-behaved in the neighborhood and popular because of Kate, in college with her outstanding temperament attracted, including all students, including the Prince's eyes. A man wearing a taste reflects her meaning, in addition to decent and elegant dress, the Princess Kate and externally to the personal charm, it is every one love life, love fashion girl from the Sentimental leading Shuyuan reference.

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