Su lover of bamboo, even for a moment away from it: " I would rather eat no meat, not live without bamboo, no meat is lean, without bamboo makes vulgar. " do not know 65 before Florence, Italy, Guccio Gucci is also affected, Mr. Chinese culture, the infection to warm tribute of bamboo Orientals? 194 seven years, his bold decision to use bags made ​​of bamboo this new material from the East. At that time, shortly after the end of World War II, the war is over, nike pas cher but the scarcity of raw materials caused by the state of war is not over. Guccio Gucci boldly " bamboo " This represents the oriental style material to replace metal, bamboo he imported from Japan by heating to soften and roasted bent into a unique "u" shape, and then through a metal ring series After connecting with Baoshen, bamboo package design in the history of this classic so appeared.
From the design point of view, with the bamboo handle leather bag body, in line with the " material truth " and " form follows function " of these two arts and crafts movement emerged, had been widely accepted aesthetic principles. tn pas cher Leather and bamboo, this material pairing both conflict and harmony, bringing exotic bamboo handle, while the same kind of natural materials they strange sense of coordination - both practical and romantic, bamboo package appeared to Canton popular. In the last century 50 's and 60 's, bamboo bags are very popular, glamorous Elizabeth Taylor , mysterious Ingrid Bergman , and the British theater stage drama of bone-level actress Vanessa Redgrave all love to use bamboo bag. With the post-war economic revival, began the process of industrialization in Italy, the Italian designer brands have begun to emerge from an industrial base in the Italian design has become big country. nike shox pas cher Bamboo is also no longer be wrapped in bamboo stick, such as being used to decorate a casual shoe. 1971 years, Gucci introduced models shaped silver bracelet bamboo, bamboo belt buckle shaped metal texture. Enter 80 years after, Gucci umbrella with bamboo shape handle, bamboo was used to decorate the wallet. 1990 years of Gucci shoes are bold use of bamboo texture heel. This detail is extracted from bamboo, with different materials and mode of expression. Such a pattern appears in scarves, bag body, clothing fabric on top; while wrist watches, jewelry, etc. are also used bamboo materials to create a bamboo outside the image. After half a century, bamboo no longer have the original intention of pragmatism, as Gucci is a well-designed logo.
Today, Gucci bamboo bag is regarded as the " made ​​in Italy Made in Italy " model. From 1947 to today, the day of the birth, " bamboo " pragmatism evolved from the design history of the classic symbols, this and over half a century, Gucci on " bamboo " The details of the design of continuous re-design are not unrelated . basket pas cher Today, Gucci creative director Frida Giannini , the brand classic bamboo bag inject her strong modern design inspiration, re-interpreted as "New Bamboo" . As we have often said, looking for inspiration from history, historical heritage with design, with a new way to show familiar things.

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