Guide: 2012 Winter launch Replica Bags of Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton) Voyage dans le temps fine jewelry series, this spring reproduction picturesque blinding light, a new series of praises diamond shining pure and flawless diamonds Louis Vuitton unique aspect.
Share: Share to QQ space Replica handbags Share to share Sina Weibo Tencent Weibo Kaixin Sohu Weibo Share Keywords: Louis Vuitton 2013 Spring Fine Jewelry Fine jewelry by Louis Vuitton Artistic Director Lorenz B? Umer design that will best represent the brand history and aesthetic charm Monogram flower hailed as a time limit beyond style and journey, praise ancient jewelry such as bold new creation, the new Voyage dans le temps fine jewelry line is the core of the brand's unique star-shaped (Star-cut) and flowers (Flower-cut) turner diamonds, carefully carved out brand craft superior value. Voyage dans le temps Replica handbag necklace Voyage dans le temps necklace Dentelle d'hiver Dentelle d'hiver earrings Dentelle d'hiver earrings The first series of "Peter Pan" (Peter Pan) This turned into Elizabethan collar piece collar (Elizabethan collar), sketched out the dazzling brilliant female silhouettes, almost invisible weave seat holding delicate platinum diamond lace, soft and flexible stunning, exudes Victorian style; center flower pendant Louis Vuitton turner (Flower-cut) diamonds, a symbol that stands in the Place Vendome - Paris within the halls of Louis Vuitton jewelry jewelry workshop, full brand jewelry craftsman professional attainments. Dentelle d'hiver theme jewelry offers large cocktail ring, long chain and earrings chandelier shape, in which a wide body brooch can be decorated on the chest, breast shaped like clothing, jewelry reproduce a "Belle Epoque." Monogram Infini and Galaxie Monogram Monogram Infini brooch Monogram Infini brooch
Monogram Infini Diego Diego hypnotic Replica Bag spiral layers, or Galaxie Monogram Mirror diffraction using stereo extend the expanse of space and depth of ingenuity, all lead us into Monogram Flower dazzling deep whirlpool. These two series of bold fusion of avant-garde, mathematical formulas and the concept of time travel, Marquise diamonds and princess diamond draw out of this tribute to Louis Vuitton Women's dazzling modern fashion horizon.

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