Rudis Sylva launch of the third generation of the oscillator in harmony with the famous watch , this watch industry revolution to be able to immediately eliminate the influence of gravity featuring jagged balance wheel, decorative details by local skilled craftsmen who hand-carved. Rudis Sylva launched the third generation of the oscillator in harmony with the famous watches , exquisite fashion style design rolex replica This revolution in watchmaking can immediately eliminate the influence of gravity balance wheel featuring jagged, complex fine decorative details by local artisans craft the most exquisite hand-carved. Its technical characteristics are also equally outstanding: • Two serrated balance wheel connected to each other. replica watches This connection ensures that the same amplitude. Gossamer opposite symmetry and energy forever, resulting in a vertical position to achieve a real-time average adjustment, therefore offset the influence of gravity.
• frequency of 21,600 Vib / h (3 Hz) • Itabashi shell rotated 360 degrees within 60 seconds • escapement fork arrangement was 90 degrees • double barrel ensures up to 70 hours of power storage Second indication Itabashi Titanium metal material contains 28 hand-chamfered angles Itabashi. replicas watches Angles on the processing of titanium steel than in the fillet on the time required for processing 10 times more! Main plate This important component of the lower half is carved with hand guilloché pyramids. swiss replica watches From the edge of the component to the center, a guilloché lines each contain 60 pyramids, and in turn becomes smaller, this need guilloché abnormal meticulous process. Engraved craft Double barrel Itabashi striking back cover or table sundial engraved using an extremely precise process, highlighting the divisions under a binocular microscope hand-engraved exquisite exquisite cast the skill.
Large fire enamel Silica by artificial crushed, then mixed with water. Then the resulting material is coated on the surface of hand-engraved and placed in 840-degree heat in the kiln firing. rolex replica Finally, on the polished enamel, made perfect sundial. Rudis Sylva This unique technology enables harmonious oscillator overrides all existing tourbillon above, because it completely eliminates the effects of gravity. Manually modified so that every product is unique, expressing respect for all kinds of watchmaking art.

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